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New to this? Read this, it'll tell you all you need to know...

What are Rips?

With every great form of artistry, there will always be people who will steal the work done by others. With the advent of computers, this has become an ever more common situation. Look at the music industry for example; it�s basically evolved into a landscape of pirates versus the �Man�. The record labels suing anything that threatens their copyrights out of existence, only to ensure they get paid for the content they own. Their intent is to put all the Napster�s of the world out of existence.

The same horrible thing has happened to the world of skinning and plug-ins. There are thousands of extremely talented artists and coders out there constantly fighting the millions of people who have been trained by the piracy of their music to think that stealing other peoples work is okay. These artists, most of which are not getting paid, have had their work repeatedly raped over and over again.

What to do now...

So when I say stealing, what do I mean by that? Any time you take the work of someone else in any capacity do any of the following qualifies as ripping:

- Taking a skin or plug-in and posting it on a website or public forum without the original author�s permission.
- Taking a skin or plug-in and making modifications to it, in any form, and posting it on to a website or public forum without the original author�s permission.

Assuming that you stumble across a skin or plug-in that violates those two conditions, then the next thing you should do is post it in these forums. Do not rant and rave in the review of the offending violator, it will not help the skin or plug-in get taken down because we will never notice it.

In order to help us get rid of these rips off the site as fast as possible, we�re going to need you to let us know in an orderly fashion. Basically, we need two things from you, a Component ID number which let�s us know exactly which skin or plug-in it is, and also a link to another place that has the original skin or plug-in available download so we can verify that the rip is actually a rip.

Just write a post in our forums with the subject stated as �Component ID [number goes here]� and within the post, please write the URL to the original skin or plug-in. Feel free to also write any comments you might see fit. That�s about it. Thanks a lot.

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How to find the answer (READ ME FIRST)

* Updated Mar-25-2005 to include link to the Troubleshooters Sticky --> Nunzio390

Here are a few tips to ensure quick responses to questions:

Your question has probably been already answered. Before posting a question we recommend that you try checking the
Help Docs, FAQ, checking the Tech Support Greatest Hits Forum, but most importantly, check the Troubleshooters Sticky, where 90% of all questions are already answered for you. If your question is still not answered, Search the Forums. A link for searching the Forums can be found underneath the banner ad at the top of most pages in the Forums.

If you find it easier to express yourself en Fran�ais, auf Deutsch, en Espanol, in Nederlands, in Italiano, you might want to start out in our International Connection Forum. You'll find help and pointers in almost every language we can think of.

Regardless of which Forum you post in, be detailed. Include as much pertinent information as possible in your question and also include all relevant system specs, as outlined here.

Post in the right Forum. Choose a Forum which best suits the topic of your question. For example, questions about streaming would best be put in the SHOUTcast Forum, questions about plug-ins would go in the plug-in tech support Forum.

Don't cross-post. Cross-posting (asking the same question in more than one Forum) is pretty annoying, so people often ignore cross-posts. Even worse, your question may be deleted by a moderator (mod) or adminstator (admin). Don't worry, most users check most, if not all of the Forums, so your question will be answered.
The reason for this policy is that cross-posts put irrelevant information which takes time to comb through. By avoiding redundant posts, the Forums are kept 'cleaner', thus, it makes it easier to find, and answer questions.


Edit previous posts. It is often better to edit than make a new post. Use your better judgement. At the bottom of each of your posts, you will find several icons. Click on the one that says 'Edit/Delete', and has a picture of an open book in order to edit a post. You may only edit a post you have written, and there is a 15 minute time limit on editions. Here are some general guidelines to follow when editing posts:

-Don't take out anything that may be required to understand the context of later posts
-Edit a previous post rather than make a new one. Use your judgement; sometimes it's necessary to make a new post.
-It's polite to sometimes list what was edited at the bottom of the post. If this ends up being longer than 2 lines, don't bother.

No ads. This is pretty self-explanatory. The Forums are not a place to advertise your products, so any post that is deemed to be an ad will be deleted, or edited to remove the advertisement. Ads are not allowed anywhere in the forums.

No flame wars (see glossary below). People obviously don't like to be insulted, so they will avoid flame wars. Flamers get a bad reputation, so their questions are more likely to be ignored.

The regulars would really appreciate it if you would acknowledge the helpfulness of their aid. Not only does praise make them love you, it helps them to understand if their help really was helpful. This way, they will know how to respond if they get a similar question again. This way, they can tailor their responses to better suit your needs.

Don't worry, freedom of speech is highly regarded by Nullsoft, so you are free to express your views EXCEPT if they are highly insulting to certain groups or people.

If you have a specific concern about etiquette, feel free to post a thread, or contact the moderators.


Admins- (shortened form of Adminstrator); The ultimate gods of the Forums. They make the final decision on who can be banned, and other life-threatening questions.

Banned- This is when you are not allowed to make anymore posts. Your IP address, E-mail address, and user name will prevent you to make anymore posts. This is extreeeeemly rare, and is preceeded by a warning.

FAQ- Frequently asked questions. The best resource for tech support questions.

Flame war- a deliberate exchange of insults between two parties. This usually involves a series of insulting, irrelevant posts in the same thread.

Kill- To delete a post.

LOL- Laughing out loud.

Nuke- To maliciously destroy a thread.

Mike- The beloved mascot of Nullsoft. Mike the llama came from the snowy peaks of the Andes to brighten our lives.

Mod- shortened form of Moderator); A moderator who has been given the power to delete/edit other people's posts. They are there to ensure that discussions are relevant and interesting. Don't worry, they only use their powers very sparingly. They also get a nifty T-shirt

The moderators were chosen by God himself. God, what with being all-knowing and stuff, chose enough moderators to handle the load. Please don't ask to be made a moderator. We have enough, and you will only be disappointed.

Regular- Someone who lives on the Forums. Their diet usually consists of waffles, syrup and Mountain Dew. Reknowned for their general friendliness, regulars are far from being extinct. But please, support their cause by donating generously to the Poor Boy Foundation

ROTFLMAO- Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off.

Thread- A topic started by one member to which anyone can reply. Discussions should be about the original topic.

An important thing to keep in mind. This is of course, a public space and it behooves you and the health of your computer to take care in clicking on any links/files of unknown origin that someone may post in a thread. Sad as it may seem, there are unsocialized bonenuts out there that get their jollies by causing mayhem. Due to the immediate nature of message boards, we can't insure that a damaging file won't find its way onto the boards, though we'll make every effort to keep things safe by removing them ASAP. Please inform the Forum admin or any moderators you see wandering around if you spy something suspicious. Exercise caution and keep your common sense meter turned on and properly calibrated.

We cannot be held responsible for the content posted by other Forum users. It may very well happen that something posted, be it text, images, files, or links to any of these thing may be offensive to you. The Winamp moderators will do the best they can to keep the Forums clean of offensive posts, but with such a large community, it is impossible to screen every post quickly and efficiently. Also keep in mind that we highly regard free speech, so the protection of that right will be utmost in deeming what is appropriate. If you have any specific complaint about something offensive you have seen, please feel free to contact a moderator or adminstrator. The best prevention is sound judgment.

Remember, being a nice netizen will lead to respect, which leads to prompt answers and much fun. Do your best to be cordial, and you will see what a great thing the Winamp community is.

If you have any questions about any issue brought up by this thread, feel free to ask the moderators, or your fellow Forumites. Above all, have a nice day


Many kudos and bows to Radioactive Man for putting together this primer. And to his editors, to whom he owes his very life.

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