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  1. Winamp Android features/bugs discussion thread
  2. Winamp for Android (current version: v1.4.15)
  3. Compilation Support?
  4. Not detecting Android phone (wifi)
  5. Fast forward from lock screen controls
  6. Winamp Android Feature Request Survey
  7. Supported formats?
  8. sync folder
  9. Shoutcast support?
  10. Selective Sync and Combined Play Count
  11. We need an EQ, take a look here Winamp theme!
  12. 3G support
  13. Well Well Well
  14. Format Converter Doesn't Copy Cover Art
  15. a couple of things
  16. button question
  17. This would be my primary Android media player if only...
  18. Feature suggestion
  19. Issue transferring playlists
  20. Android Permissions
  21. Default Music Player
  22. Lock screen album art mods
  23. Idea for Winamp Widget
  24. Sync Select Playlist
  25. com.nullsoft.winamp.MediaPlaybackService interface definition
  26. Please use the "Music" folder!
  27. Winamp for android stops playing :S
  28. Layout issues
  29. WinAmp for Android not displaying album art correctly.
  30. Random Album
  31. Misc quirks
  32. Several Bugs
  33. Support for Google Voice Actions? (And other minor quibbles)
  34. Unknown Artist HELP!
  35. Shuffle Implemented Incorrectly
  36. I already have music loaded on my phone
  37. Draining Power like crazy
  38. Winamp Problem on Samsung i5801
  39. Winamp kills sd card access on HTC Desire
  40. Idea for new option
  41. replay the little kick the llama song
  42. How do you delete playlists on handheld?
  43. Replay Gain before all other features.
  44. Bluetooth Issue going on
  45. Random start of music playback, and other issues.
  46. Always show Notification Tray icon if Winamp is running.
  47. bigger widget controls please...
  48. Winamp for Android Big Bugs/Features/Suggestions Topic
  49. No availble download on Android market?
  50. mpeg 4 problems and unsupported formats
  51. track #'s wrong - 5.59
  52. Bug or user error? Albums appear multiple times
  53. Force close after first run
  54. 5.99, Andriod 1Gen, and no USB sync
  55. How to play WMA files on HTC Desire
  56. USB Charging
  57. How do I sync ONLY certain playlists?
  58. Syncing in USB Mass storage, USB PC/Media Sync, and WiFi are different experiences
  59. Jukebox type feature?
  60. Genre and Song Rating ?
  61. Auto Mount issue on Android
  62. single Winamp install with multiple devices to sync?
  63. Long-press of volume changes track?
  64. Random Playback?!?
  65. Playlist won't sync via wifi
  66. playlist don't sync but contents do
  67. Uninstall leaves WinAmp starting up
  68. Internal Storage
  69. Control PC Winamp through my Android
  70. Double Songs on Adroid
  71. Flac transcoding to other lossless
  72. Major wireless sync problems
  73. Does the app have a built-in volume control?
  74. album art not read from file
  75. Non ASCII Characters in Playlists
  76. Browse by Artist/Album Artist
  77. Android Winamp & BlueTooth earphone
  78. Client only syncing 6 tracks
  79. Album Art
  80. "failed to play the requested stream"
  81. Multi-function Volume control
  82. Language
  83. Where is the changelog? Nothing is Fixed!
  84. watch this get deleted......
  85. No SHOUTcast icon ver 0.9.2
  86. Can't take calls
  87. Transfer Failure
  88. Wifi Sync Issue
  89. Winamp Android cannot find all music files
  90. Wifi and usb not the same device?
  91. Winamp for Android Big Bugs/Features/Suggestions Topic v0.9.2
  92. Will you consider developing it as a full-touch player??
  93. Widget Disappearing
  94. Winamp for Android Open Source?
  95. Suggestion for WinAmp for Android
  96. request: allow Intent/AIDL control of Android media service
  97. Albums with multiple artists don't work.
  98. delete files from winamp, not the device?
  99. A way to have Winamp NOT index certain folders?
  100. WiFi sync protocol
  101. Winamp Android Grabbing Local Game Sounds
  102. Will Android app play .cgi stream?
  103. Solution: Cannot connect via WIFI
  104. AAC+ Does it work?
  105. Various Artists on mix or DJ Albums
  106. Not showing music in internal storage
  107. Automatic Wireless Sync for Podcasts
  108. Choppy / Stuttering blackback on Droid Pro
  109. Can't find Android App
  110. Stream Shoutcast from PC to Android
  111. Learn from PlayerPro
  112. Autofill and Sync Fail on Transfer
  113. Track sort...
  114. the michael jackson winamp bug during wifi transfer to android phone
  115. Flac tags
  116. HTC Incredible + Win7 x64 + Winamp = fail
  117. constant crashing on x10
  118. WIFI Sync to External SD?
  119. Mysterious Upload/Download of data
  120. Won't play m4a/aac files!?
  121. keeps trying to resync the same songs
  122. HELP: It's syncing ALL TRACKS!
  123. USB + WiFi = TWO phones...??
  124. Remote control of PC -- why kill Lazik?
  125. Trouble syncing playlists to x10 mini pro
  126. Resume ShoutCast playback after a call?
  127. Sending Songs to Tablet:It works - but not with all songs...
  128. Unexpected Pause or Blip when turning screen on
  129. Some Shoutcast stations won't stream?
  130. Problems with playlist sync and album art in Winamp for Android
  131. Winamp stripping embedded album art? Not byte-for-byte copy?
  132. Playlists are not imported
  133. Where does Winamp save playlist?
  134. Album Artist tag not used during syncing
  135. App Makers Take Interest in Android
  136. Sync and Autofill Bugs
  137. player wont find any of my music
  138. winamp pairs but says it's full
  139. Shoutcast won't stream when screen is off
  140. Theming?
  141. Winamp tries to resync existing music
  142. Notification on Galaxy S Mesmerize
  143. Can't use internal storage
  144. Filelists question
  145. Lock screen issues make Winamp unusable
  146. Bluetooth SHOUTcast stations switching feature request
  147. end of song list
  148. how does winamp organize album?
  149. Error Downloadin App for Android - 404 Error Page not found
  150. Wired headset button handling bug
  151. Controlling Winamp from another application
  152. Winamp cannot Sync
  153. Is Winamp Android syncing back to PC ?
  154. Major Problems with Playlist SYNC via WiFI
  155. Droid X not responding on USB
  156. wifi sync stopping for two reasons
  157. How to return to home screen leaving winamp running in background?
  158. Syncing with Android AND keeping ALBUM ART: New Tool
  159. Option to sync/not sync a song
  160. Sending songs (not syncing)
  161. Winamp 0.9.2 Beta for Android feedback/bugs
  162. Streaming from live365
  163. Winamp Android on Archos tablets?
  164. Player won't recognize playlists on Droid X
  165. Single track play
  166. Sync to android device does not copy the Album Artist
  167. WARNING to ReplayTV users
  168. shoutcast not working in android 2.2 - not even in latest winamp
  169. Entering stream URL manually?
  170. Free?
  171. help - files not showing up in wireless sync
  172. WiFi sync no disk space
  173. Extremely Slow Sync
  174. Thread deletion??
  175. Not quite "The Ultimate Media Player" yet...
  176. Songs not put into albums (sometimes)
  177. ShoutCast: override next/prev to swit channels
  178. Compilation Albums - separated by artist
  179. Please implement exit button
  180. Some MP3s crashs WinAmp
  181. wifi loses connection to winamp when phone plugs into power
  182. 0.9.2 song skipping issue
  183. Device won't attach
  184. How to refresh the music library files?
  185. Stopping Winamp from auto starting in Android
  186. Codec support?
  187. Sort by Album Artist
  188. Make Winamp recognize Android device as USB drive
  189. Fix for slow WiFi transfers to Android device
  190. Samsung Fascinate - No Shoutcast option
  191. Status on next update?
  192. After closing out, Winamp keeps running
  193. Playlist Syncing Issue & Certain Songs Issue
  194. Playing Album, sort by Track number
  195. Nexus One Headset Forward/Back Button-Related Misbehavior/Bug
  196. Eq
  197. Open my station from a website link...
  198. All of my songs are being listed by their Album Artist tags...that's a problem
  199. Winamp and Tasker integration / Commands
  200. Use the API Winamp Android uses?
  201. Winamp doesnt support MP3 format?
  202. Stuck at Discovering devices, using 100% of one CPU core
  203. Winamp Android - Play Folder Feature
  204. autofill fails, sync succeeds
  205. Playing music tracks withOUT gaps
  206. Desktop crashes when syncing
  207. winamp for android tablet
  208. [BUG] USB and WiFi sync
  209. Playlists getting blanked out?
  210. Shoutcast gone after update. Droid 1 Winamp v1.0
  211. Problems album winamp
  212. Song order problem
  213. Awesome app, quick question
  214. How do I stream my audio library?
  215. Winamp does not support SD card on Samsung Galaxy S
  216. album cover 600 x 600 pix
  217. Sync FLAC to MP3
  218. Tap plays song and loses current playlist ..SO annoying
  219. Winamp Android
  220. Equalizer won´t open
  221. Enabling wifi sync disables wifi policy
  222. Swype and Winamp causes Errors?
  223. Searching
  224. Cannot transfer play lists to android
  225. Winamp Android App and Genre Tags
  226. How do you view via Folder View ?
  227. Manually adding internet radio
  228. Can Winamp properly sync playlists yet?
  229. Album Art Missing on Droid X w/ Gingerbread
  230. How to sync only the /Music/ file to computer?
  231. Lost .flac support after update.
  232. Android Wireless Desktop PC Sync Issue
  233. Winamp won't recognize Atrix (Android) over USB????
  234. I cannot get loudcity.com to operate on my droid 2 using winamp
  235. Imported Playlists Won't Work
  236. what does allow winamp to control headset do?
  237. Winamp starts playing by itself
  238. Various Artist/Compilation Albums
  239. MID device download
  240. Open URL
  241. Help! album problem
  242. One possible solution to Winamp's wireless sync problem
  243. Is there an official status update from a dev on the app playing on its own?
  244. AAC+ streams and playing user defined stations?
  245. Auto-reconnect for Shoutcast streams?
  246. podcast playlist problems
  247. Same songs transfered-to/copied-from phone each time I sync
  248. Playing order: Alphabetically unwanted.
  249. Anroid vis please
  250. Album Art problem with FLAC - bug reports