View Full Version : Milkdrop for Winamp3???

22nd December 2002, 05:11
Hey, does anyone know if they plan to release a version of Milkdrop that will work with Winamp 3? I feel really bad about getting this new Winamp 3 because none of my cool Milkdrop visuals will work on it!!!!
Or if someone knows how to make Milkdrop v1.03 work on Winamp 3 then pleeeeeeeeease let me know! Thankz.
Milkdrop RuLeZ ! ! !

22nd December 2002, 19:31

You know, There is a way to search the forums. Although it seems to be eludeing everyone. :igor:

25th December 2002, 21:21
Thankz Idiot!
I'll be testing that out tonight.. See I just got an Audigy 2 soundcard and figured Winamp3 would be the perfect media match for it... but when everything was installed I realized that I lost the ability to use Milkdrop!! So anyway, thankz again, i'll post another thread if I have trouble...