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31st December 2002, 05:57
free publicity = cool

Winamp 3 finds it's way onto the free CD included with PC World Magazine (January 2003 issue)

Funny, the image they included is of Winamp 2... d'oh!

Bellow is the description they give of Winamp 3, which looks like it was writen for Winamp 2, back when Winamp.com had that 3GB locker thing, but oh well. Hey, atleast they included the right Winamp installer. :)

"There are lots of MP3 players available, but this popular program saves playlists and equalizer settings, and it can be customized with special skins.

In addition to playing CDs and most other digital audio formats (.wav, MID, MOD), it has a spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope that will jump and dip with the rhythm of your song. What sets Winamp apart from the pack is the smooth, intuitive way it's designed--how it allows you to easily create and save playlists, for instance. Want to play at the best fidelity for jazz tunes as well as bass-heavy rock songs? Winamp lets you save equalizer settings for specific songs. The program also has a minibrowser that lets you view biographies and photos, and you can sign up for 3GB of free Internet music storage.

And of course, there are the skins: Winamp has an endless supply. You can dress up the player so that it shows the interior of a fancy car, photos from your favorite TV show, a cubist geometric design, or any of the more than 25,000 other looks created by fans. The program also lets you substitute its standard visual effects with dozens of plug-ins: One we saw showed an animated girl in black leather pants, dancing on a stage of purple and red Valentine hearts.

This latest version extends the functionality of skins; it also plays plays MPEG Layer 2 (MP2) and Layer 3 (MP3) audio streams."

31st December 2002, 05:58

31st December 2002, 12:37
cool. Shame they had to put it on now, still isn't finished.

31st December 2002, 21:01
It will probably still be on when when the next non internal Winamp3 update comes out. But tis still a shame.

Bilbo Baggins
2nd January 2003, 11:57
They need to get their facts right. I see no sign up for 3GB of space...

2nd January 2003, 15:34
Originally posted by Bilbo Baggins
They need to get their facts right. I see no sign up for 3GB of space... remember the Winamp Lockers? You used to be able to sign up for a free Winamp Locker at Winamp.com. You could upload 3GB's worth of music. But, many moons ago, the service went bye bye.

2nd January 2003, 16:03
PCW include Winamp on their cover disk every month.... so when a new version comes along they'll be likely to put it on there too.