View Full Version : Installing AVS Neebie WIth Winamp3?

Seishin ENzeru
21st February 2003, 23:36
I have been havint trouble to install avs. Everytime I try nothing happend. I dont know what is going on. sincerely the confused.:igor:

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22nd February 2003, 04:36
1: use Winamp 2 instead of 3.
2: if it doesn't work, TRY HARDER!!!1!!1!1


22nd February 2003, 06:26
Are you trying to install AVS, or presets for AVS?

AVS itself is a program that lets you view presets. It comes with Winamp. The presets are downloaded from the components section of the Winamp page. These must be loaded in the AVS program to work.

23rd February 2003, 01:01
If you want help you will at least need to post a more specific question. Saying "AVS presets won't install" doesn't help much.