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23rd April 2003, 13:16
Hi, how can i use Ogg as a stream? Which programm do i need? sry if this question is has already been answered by anyone. I used the following programs: oddCast DSP <- a plug in for winamp 4 mp3/Ogg streaming, you can download it @ vorbis.com

Oddcast DSP
2001-10-20 23:21:36.00

A DSP plugin for Winamp which allows you to use Winamp as a source to icecast2, thusly allowing you to create a vorbis stream.

and is used the shoutcast server 1.9.2

mp3 streaming goes well, but Ogg doesnt do.

I don't know to use Icecast [ http://www.icecast.org/ ]

23rd April 2003, 18:39
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