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24th April 2003, 04:57
Hooookay heeere goes... gone thru the forums as best I can and can't find a similar post on this sooooo...

Am trying an experiment using Winamp/shoutcast to send a 56k mono stream 24/7 to a particular destination.... an AM radio station feed; studio to a low power transmitter in a remote villiage 100km away. Everything works...getting fantastic quality...for a while and suddenly the damn stream just quits. It has run as long as 2 days, and as has crapped out in as short as 15 min. Net congestion doesn't seem to be an issue, sometimes even happens at midnite. Is there any automatic relog or reconnection routine by winamp 2.xx or 3.0 to pick up the stream again? Computers are stand alone Win2k AMD333/500,10gig hard drives 128k ram..nothing fancy, but nothing else uses them either..connection is cable modem at both ends..getting at least 1.5mb down and 400-500k up. Ideas anyone??

24th April 2003, 18:21
Is "repeat" on in your Winamp?
(It's the button to the right of "shuffle")

One possible solution to try is to run a local DNAS and have the remote DNAS be a relay.