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24th April 2003, 04:58
I have just joined soutcast, love it great for me :)

Basicaly what it is I work for a Disco Company in Bristol (selling equipment) well actutaly i live in Manchester (moved 2 years ago) but I hope to open my own shop soon, anmyway lol I run there online store and there web site www.oasis-online.co.uk shop at www.supernovaserver.co.uk/kevin <<<< (not live or finished and soon 2 be moved)

If any1 wants to buy anythink like Daul Cd players etc decks mixers we do the lot just send us a e-mail

I use cheap nasty stuff like:- Numark CDn20s , synergy mixer, 600w Idex speakers and 400w amp lol

we also deal wid Promo only cd's i dont know if u can use them on soutcast but i cant see y not, jingle cds etc

Hopefully i will sort out sum sort of discout for Shoutcast ppl(cant promiss tho) :(

anyway sorry for bad spelling lol


24th April 2003, 18:40
Are you wishing* we buy stuff from you?

*reference to post being in SHOUTcast Wishlist forum.

24th April 2003, 18:41

dident know where to put it move it if u like