View Full Version : Wierd shoutcast problem

24th April 2003, 21:25
When I click on a shotcast station to play, I get this error (attatched image). I have cleared the temporary files, like was suggessted, but no luck so far.

24th April 2003, 21:28
try saving a pls file on your desktop (right click on the listen link and go to 'save target as') and then double click that file to see if it will play.

does that even work?

24th April 2003, 21:33
yes that does work, but I would like to not have to do that every time I want to listen to a radio station. Do you know a work around?

24th April 2003, 22:24
Try clearing your Internet cache.

24th April 2003, 22:39
How might I go about doing that?

24th April 2003, 23:17
Check out the results from a forum search (http://forums.winamp.com/search.php) on 'clear internet cache'.

Look for a post by jiggamyzigga titled:
some stations work, others, no?

Note: Other search criteria may yield more results.

25th April 2003, 00:35
Hmm, this is weird, I tried that too, and still it didn't fix it:igor: