View Full Version : SHOUTcast Multi Server?

dANk RAdiO
25th April 2003, 04:28
Im new to this shoutcast shizzo?! Im just wonder'n how to set up a multi server? I know u gotta use tha sc_serv.ini file, but cant figure it out.

25th April 2003, 05:06
you make a config file for each stream you want then start up the server for each instance, make sure that each instance sits at least 2 ports away from the last
then start the server with the config file in the path
and keep starting it for each config file you have.

sc_serv.exe sc_serv_8000.conf
sc_serv.exe sc_serv_8002.conf
etc.. for each stream you need

dANk RAdiO
25th April 2003, 05:12
I got it! Thx