View Full Version : Smooth Program?

25th April 2003, 04:46
There used to be a smooth little program to talk over the music and DJ and such...where is that? Or even a progam like that today, I just change the input device on the winamp plugin and I would like to do it a better way, so music and still play and so forth. Help me out please! Also, noone knows of a nice way to take calls yet?

25th April 2003, 05:32
In the DSP, if you change your Input to "soundcard" then hit the talk button, you can talk and the music will still play in the background.


25th April 2003, 14:30
Yeah...thats kinda my problem. it doesn't and I've been through that topic front to back, and still nothing.

Oh well.

25th April 2003, 20:31
Super guy I had the same problem, it is really easy to fix though. (saying it is same problem)
Open the DSP and change to soundcard input, now open MIXER. Two windows open, one behind another. Go to the RECORDING windo and select STEREO or similar to record from, not mic.
Then check that your mic is not muted on the playback window. Close them both then try again to speak, music should play in background, ply with the sliders so that u loer the background level and the speed of fade etc! Let us know how you do