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25th April 2003, 13:47
My opinion:

Now every one owns there own radio station , and that's not good. One day there will be more stations than listeners. People should start streaming something new like the new video things , or something newer and better. But no one know's whats next on the world of streaming.

25th April 2003, 21:17
Actually I disagree with your opinion, each station that opens up will allow for more listeners, so there will be no end to the supply of listeners. There are currently under 5,000 servers listed, and on the shoutcast list there is 50,000 listeners, just a year ago it was 2,000 : 35,000, and before that it was 1,000 : 20,000. As long as the content is good there should be no problem here.

25th April 2003, 22:03
I disagreed with you.. One person will stay with the station they like. And streaming audio is getting boring this days , they should start something cooler like streaming movies , Not with that nsv thing cuase thats hard to use

25th April 2003, 22:16
I am not quite sure what you are saying. Are you saying that people should not stream audio? Your message is confusing. I have both a Video and an Audio Stream and both do fine. Why don't you start up a video stream? it's not that hard. Video will catch on, in some cases I would say it's already started to.