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25th April 2003, 17:00
Personally I HATE real player but some of my listeners refuse to download winamp. I know RealOne will play the pls file if I open it manually but how do I make an option on my site for people to just click and listen. I'd like to have two links, one for winamp and one for realplayer. Any help is appreciated!


25th April 2003, 18:02
A click on a file with *.pls and/or *.m3u extension will launch whatever application the user has their client machined associated.

In short of configuring everyones machine, I don't think there is a 100% reliable solution.

You might, however, try to create/use a *.ram (or whatever the RealAudio file extension is) file since that extension is most likely associated only with RealAudio.

25th April 2003, 20:14
to make a ram file use a txt editor. all u need to put is the server.rm on the top line. I have two servers, when one is full it automatically connects to the second:


save as a .ram file and link to that file and u should be good to go.

26th April 2003, 10:22
i have tried opening .pls with realplayer enabled for all .pls and m3u extensions and it worked properly for me.

now if m3u works for realplayer and winamp, wouldnt it be possible to use windows media player to listen to shoutcast audio streams? i'll test it...