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26th April 2003, 03:24
i was just curious as to what you folks thought about satellite radio. i haven't used it yet, but the concept sounds pretty cool...especially since i think this is just getting us one step closer to having mobile broadband. there isnt mobile broadband out there yet is there? if people could listen to any internet radio station in their car, i think that'd increase the listeners for all internet radio stations, since you're reaching a broader audience. what do you think...is this technology not far off, or just a pipe dream?

26th April 2003, 03:43
hey your right a good idea. NOt to far off though, but for now to create that wider range of listeners you try to broadcast at dif levels (i.e. high band & Low Band) . That way everybody's happyt

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26th April 2003, 05:39
I have XM satellite radio. I have the SkyFi receiver which a portable device that goes from the car to your home stereo/computer. It's great in the car because local radio is horrible, but at home I listen to streaming audio because of the enormous selection.

Satellite radio = 100 stations
Streaming online radio = ????????(many) stations

This is the XM receiver I have http://www.xmradio.com/skyfi/

26th April 2003, 10:14
we already have somewhat broadband mobile audio...it's called DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) it's sorta like digital cable for your car...

26th April 2003, 13:28
DAB is digital audio broadcasts, and its very high quality

not many stations are broadcasting on it yet tho

FM will be closing down sometime 2008 - 2010

so all fm stations will either close down, move to dab(most likely) or move to a shitty band, like am, mw, or lw