View Full Version : Vorbis ogg support

26th April 2003, 18:55
I have been using shoutcast for a long time now and really like the results.:up: With the recent developments surrounding mp3 and royalties I can see that it's only a matter of time. I am also a broadcaster / producer with many of my own recordings. Audio compression technology it the only way for me to put samples of my material to the public via www. Thus I am trying to shift all my renderings, samples, and streams to vorbis ogg open source, as this format makes the most sense and has awesome sound.;) I am hoping that shoutcast will be incorporating the vorbis encoder for audio streams. I have been trying alot of different methods and programs (Streamer, Icecast, Foobar, oddcast DSP; but not having success. Shoutcast works so well and is soo reliable. If indeed "big music" is able to insist upon a payment structure for mp3 use and streaming it will put people like me out of business, and the future of truely "independent radio" will go the way of the top 40 trash we have all grown to hate.:mad: I do hope that winamp and team are realizing the importance of alternatives to mp3.