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26th April 2003, 23:23
Been trying to learn this for far to long now.
I simply would like a java script that I can type to get now playing and amount ov listeners in total from my 3 streams.
Is this possible I dont understand anything on any ov those sites that tell u how and make you download utter un understable stuff.
I would like it scrolling across section ov screen if poss or hav all 3 streams listed with number ov listenrs for each.
It must be neat and small not whole page or seperate page.
Please tell me how someone I also dont use frontpage or nefin just geocities.
please email me at djpoison@btopenworld.com

27th April 2003, 00:55
I don't think it's directly possible to use JavaScript to read the XML since JavaScript is client side. You can, however, use a server side scripting language to populate your JavaScript code to output the statistics as desired.

Check out the Sticky post titled...
SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled...
General SHOUTcast Information -> SHOUTcast ToolBox (All sorts of nifty add-ons for SHOUTcast)

1. The PHP based XML parser is a complete solution and comes ready for you to customize.

2. The Javascript parser (actually ASP) is another complete solution and comes ready for you to customize.

Also, for an html implementation, check out:
KXRM's RadioToolbox (http://www.radiotoolbox.com/docs/?p_id=1)
Oddsock's Do Something DSP plugin (http://www.oddsock.org/tools/dosomething/)