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27th April 2003, 19:48
For years I used shoutcast as my server for our broadcast. We run a large number of websites that all do live broadcasting.
Then came Helix from Real.
We have done extensive load testing with Helix, and found that it is well over 100X more efficient than shoutcast for identical streams.

Has anyone come up with an upload protocal using winamp to send the information to the Helix server? I am looking for something similar to the shoutcast plugin on winamp.

I have read numerous posts in these forums regarding Helix, both positive and negative. I don't believe that most people understand that it is an open source project. Yes there are pay vs. avail, and quite expensive, I own numerous copies, however the free vs. would suffice for anyone coming from shoutcast. And if you are good enough, the entire source is open so you could compile your own without having to purchase an unlimited license.

Winamp is such a beautifull player, I would just hate to see it left in the dust when it comes to broadcasting. Shoutcast is old technology, and I would challenge them to come anywhere near the 10k level of simultanious connections that a basic Helix box can handle. And yes, we have come close to this in out tests allready, of course we have a tremendous pipe.

27th April 2003, 20:18
Winamp is such a beautifull player
rock on maan

27th April 2003, 20:21
I think this would be better in the Shoutcast Discussions Forum.
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So maybe someone will move it.

27th April 2003, 20:41
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