View Full Version : How do I get a message to Vamp Radio?

28th April 2003, 10:23
I've found a station on Shoutcast which plays just what I want to listen to but only has a bitrate of 56 and says only can support 6 listners at a time.

I want to tell friends about this station so they can listen to but don't want to risk not being able to listen to it myself (I'm logged onto it for most of the day/night at the moment).

How can tell them that there are more listeners out there for them than just 6?

The station is Vamp Radio (the best goth station in my opinion).

Kindest regards
Adrienne (Gothglitz)

JE JaggedEdge
28th April 2003, 12:53

6 Listeners may be all that Vamp radio can support at this time. I'm pretty sure they know the limit is 6.
They may not have the available funds to support more listeners, unless someone is willing to donate some bandwidth their way.

i'M NOT SURE HOW U CAN CONTACT THEM. If they have a website, u might wanna visit it, or leave a messge for them on the listener board here.