View Full Version : for all people who ever has the same problems as me

29th April 2003, 10:36
Hi just wanted to say I worked out what to do so dont worry bout all my previous posts. Due to using a free website builder Geocities It was such a task to get live station stats on the site.

But for any ov you wondering how I managed it.

I used the the server stat webpage from that toolbox program and made a little Iframe in my webpage. Check it out http://geocities.com/poisonradio/home the only limitation I found with this is the bit that says ToolBox. Here is the page thats in the Iframe http://poison.selfhost.com:4000

I think itsa case ov learning website creation now and building a proper payed website / server / host. If anyone would like to share stuff they have manged on ther free site's theyv built then please let me know. djpoison@btopenworld.com


29th April 2003, 12:28
wow great job bros!

statistics in geocities are very difficult to obtain!!
i have a geocities site too..but my site is so..BLEAAAH! i should have to remake it but i have no so much time..:(

anyway, great again! :up: