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30th April 2003, 04:34
Hey everyone I'm starting to broadcast using shoutcast, and I was wondering if someone could tell me how I caould put my playlist onto the net. any help wouuld welcomed.

Liquid FM
30th April 2003, 08:10
when you say put your playlist onto net do you meen on to your web site ie. Now playing ****** ?

30th April 2003, 16:07
Generate an html playlist.

With Winamp the active application and the Winamp Playlist the active Winamp piece:

30th April 2003, 19:28
I know how to generate the playlist(ctrl+alt+G). what i want to know is basicly how do i make a website that I can put the playlist on without haveing to type it out by hand.(Like a cut and past type deal).

30th April 2003, 19:44
just upload the html page that winamp generates. don't even have to cut and paste unless you want something a little fancier.

1st May 2003, 01:55
Thats what i dont know how to do.

1st May 2003, 02:08
Once you've generated the playlist as descibed above, use yor browsers "File" -> "Save as" functionality to save the html file.

or, right click on the "here" link from the generated page, select "Save as" and save the html file.

Then, drop it on your webserver and link to it.

1st May 2003, 02:56
Ok, I have no clue how to do that.

2nd May 2003, 02:48
hmm, do you have a website? webserver?


2nd May 2003, 09:22
well i have appache, but i dont like it cause the only way i know to do it envolves using my ip in the address

2nd May 2003, 16:20
That is how the Internet works.

My IP is

My domain is festerhead.com and it resolves to

We have domain names because they are easier to remember than a dotted quad.

With a properly configured system and attention to what is turned on and serving, your system should be secure.

Yyou can get a static name, such as foo.bar.com (not as cool as that, though :)) from http://www.no-ip.com or one of the other myriad of Dynamic DNS Services (http://dmoz.org/Computers/Software/Internet/Servers/Address_Management/Dynamic_DNS_Services/).
Then, your links would be:
DNAS link: http://foo.bar.com:yourDNASport
Listen link: http://foo.bar.com:yourDNASport/listen.pls