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30th April 2003, 15:16
Hey everyone, I am new to this forum. I'm interested in doing a weekly radio show from my PC w/ a cable broadband connection. I've been researching all the neccessary software and how to set-up everything correctly in the FAQ threads here, and I'm starting to thoroughly understand that information, but I am still confused as to the legality of streaming mp3s by famous bands. I've yet to find a definitive answer on whether I will get in legal trouble for broadcasting "copyrighted" music. Anyone care to comment on this?

30th April 2003, 16:05
The rules/laws vary depending on the source location.

For folks in the U.S.A. (and others wanting a good read), try this for starters (http://www.shoutcast.com/download/broadcast.phtml#copyright).

For a more definitive answer, please consult legal assistance.

9th May 2003, 11:53
Anyone got any idea about legality in the UK?

if anyone's interested, www.plus.net offer £21.99pm for 512k dl and 256k up, you can run webserver, ftp server, etc, I will check out whether they allow you to run a streamcast server (from your windows PC - no uploading files, etc) see www.analogx.com for a piece of software to broadcast streaming mp3 from windows (shoutcast).

As far as my understanding of the legality goes, you can listen and broadcast, I don't know if you record legally? there's a plugin availiable for winamp 2 that I find pretty good, on a 56k dialup, it records with no skips/pauses.

Please get back soon, thanks!