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Liquid FM
2nd May 2003, 23:21
Hey all…Just going to ask you lot what you think. On my radio which is called Liquid FM I play: Dance, Trance, RnB, and Mixed Do you think this is a good Genre to have or not?

My schedule looks like this:

Monday to Friday:
Non Stop Liquid,Dance,Trance,RnB and also a hole lot more! ***You tell us what to play***

Friday Night's:
Dance Anthems Firing you up for the weekend!

Saturday Night's:
Dance Anthems, Warming you up for a Saturday night

Sunday Night's :
Back to the old school, Winding down your weekend!

What do you think? Leave us a message in this forum cheers.

2nd May 2003, 23:31
Create a website/forum and ask your listeners for feedback :)

They're the ones that ultimately decide if you've got a good schedule and genre.

3rd May 2003, 02:34
I agree with festerhead. The best feedback will come from your listeners. Since my area of specialty is classic soul, I like the idea of back to old school on Sundays :)


Liquid FM
3rd May 2003, 10:50
Hey thanks you 2, I will set some kind of feedback thing on my web site and see what happends. Thanks