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3rd May 2003, 08:23
is there a way to mute the music but still let listeners hear it? I'm sure there's a way... i just can't figure it out yet =)

3rd May 2003, 11:27
If you are using Winamp to broadcast: Use Nullsoft NULL Output plugin which is incuded with it. I haven't tried it yet - didn't need to...

so you may have to test it yourself if it works as you want it to.

3rd May 2003, 20:32
I see the plugin but how do i get it to work??

3rd May 2003, 20:43
Just choose it and see if it has any configuration. If it doesn't, just select the plugin and close the prefs window.


4th May 2003, 00:12
Here's something new. Maybe you've seen it before. I used the advance recording mode on my config of DSP and when I finsihed my stream, I received this in the playlist window. "sc 05-03-2003 23-10-30 22.19." I understand the date part and the time of the file, but the part with the 23-10-30, strange. There were two files in the directory folder I chose to put these files in. One was 0 Kbytes, the other wqs 6.5 MBs. They are both the same stream. what can I do with these things. I was of the impression that they were a recording of the output of the brodcast. True or false. When I was actually stremaing, there was a lot of skipping, but nothing on the files. Which one should I keep or are they both worhless?. Are they log files that can reused as future stremas? or trash. As well, no mic segments in the recording, but I could hear myself over the speakers and in my headset. Didn't say anything great, just testing for now, but when I really go, I won't be just scrapping along.

4th May 2003, 18:24
what I used to do in winamp (I use SAM2 now) I would just hit play then put the mic vol to 0% and that did the trick and the people could still hear it!

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4th May 2003, 21:46
Hold on here. Put the mic volume at 0% and people could still hear you? doesn't make sense. Please explain. As I understand it, you ned some volume on the mic just like other pads; without it, there'd be no output from the mic.. Anyway, intersted in what you have to say about no volume on e the mic. Thanks

4th May 2003, 21:49
no the little volume bar on winamp! It turns green, from red or w/e. But thats what I did.

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4th May 2003, 23:48
Yes,turning down the volume on winamp does make some sense. I thought you were referring to the mixer volume control. I've copied the link you gave and will add it to my website address book. I'm pretty busy these days, but will give thought to your invite to join the forums at http://forums.talksoftnetwork.com