View Full Version : I dont get it: Setting up server = complicated...

3rd May 2003, 20:40
I am fairly proficiant at figuring programs out. I work well and easly on a computer however...

I trying to run a radio station for my guild in an Online RPG. I would like to use a program that streams my large stack of mp3 files And I feel Shoutcast can do that with its winXP supported server program. I also host a Voice chat server. My problem lies in the configuring the server so others can connect and loading up my playlist into the server. There has got to be some userfriendly GUI interface you can impliment into the shoutcast server. The config.ini Thing just doesnt work for me. I Loose my attention when technical and learning process become nothing but words and garble. I am a visual hands on person. Is there some way to do this? The voice chat server/client progs we use is Teamspeak. Check it out for a reference...


Any simple exlination would help my cause otherwise ill continue to tinker around with a few of my guildmates and see what i can come up with.

4th May 2003, 04:52
It doesn't really get easier than the 15 steps mentioned here: http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=90040