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Liquid FM
4th May 2003, 20:13
Hey all can one of you help me out on my shoutcast / Winamp It ses

How come I can only have the one output? If i out some stuff in the say output2 it will not work? Also how can you have more than 1 radio on air from one computer or can you not? Jez :rolleyes:

4th May 2003, 21:18
now what are you wanting to do?

Liquid FM
4th May 2003, 21:43
now what are you wanting to do..Asking what the outputs are for on the shoutcast plug in!

4th May 2003, 21:47
oh allright, the outputs allow you to send your streams to the server (or servers)

you can even have mulitple instances of the shoutcast server and that would allow you to transmit at diferent encoding rates (128, 64, 28, ect) at any combo.

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thanks much! Hey also Liquid FM you should become a member yourself!

Liquid FM
4th May 2003, 21:51
Hey Dude will take a look cheers 4 ur help..Only one way to find stuff out ask :)

4th May 2003, 21:54
Oh yah your welcome any time; also I'm looking for members at this forum I run, ad free and everything, its right here : http://forums.talksoftnetwork.com you'd be a perfect member!

Liquid FM
4th May 2003, 21:56