View Full Version : port 8000 NOT WORKING? Help!

5th May 2003, 13:53
We use this to connect via no-ip

and it is not working.

Is anyone else having problems with port 8000 or
is it a problem with SHOUTcast or a problem with our

Can someone try it and help us please!

5th May 2003, 16:04
Any errors in the DNAS log?

http://opfradio.no-ip.info:8000 -> :up:
24kbps 22kHz mono coming in fine.

Remember, machines on the same lan as the DNAS (you) need to use the lan ip of the DNAS to connect/listen.
Machines not on the same lan as the DNAS (the rest of the world) need to use the real, world-visible ip of the DNAS to connect/listen.

5th May 2003, 17:07
Thank you for your time - we also would like to know about relay computers to help us to make available more listening slots to OPF Radio. We are ONLY interested in our members tuning in. We are a single parents club with over 46,000 subscribers and although not everyone of our members will want to tune in, we know that 20% will. What should we do?

5th May 2003, 17:27
Also, forgot to ask....can we change the PortBase=8000 to another number and if so what can we pick?
Could we have 8888 or 8100 for example.
Sorry to be a pain but this is all new to us on the committee.

5th May 2003, 18:18
You can turn RIP (reserved ip mode) on in the DNAS and add each members ip. Problem is, this works well for static ip folks only. Or, you can make your DNAS private and give out the DNAS address to only your members.
Here is the default section of the DNASs sc_serv.ini/conf file to configure:; PublicServer can be always, never, or default (the default, heh)
; Any setting other than default will override the public status
; of the source plug-in or of a SHOUTcast server that is being relayed.

; RipFile is the text file sc_serv reads and writes to/from
; for the list of client IPs which are *ALWAYS* permitted
; to connect to this server (useful for relay servers).
; This file is automatically generated via the web
; interface. Note that if your server is FULL, and someone
; from a Reserved IP connects, the DNAS will force the person
; listening for the longest time off to make room for the new
; connection.
; RipFile=sc_serv.rip

; RIPOnly, when set to Yes, will only allow IP addresses listed in the Reserved
; IP list to connect and relay. All other connections for listening will be denied.
; This is really only useful for servers whose sole purpose is to provide the
; primary feed to all public relays. Setting this value to Yes also forces the
; server into Private mode, since listing this server in the directory would
; be pointless. Default is No.
; RIPOnly=No

Yes, you can change the default portBase. Here is the default section of the DNASs sc_serv.ini/conf file to configure:; PortBase. This is the IP port number your server will run on. The
; value, and the value + 1 must be available. If you get a fatal error when
; the DNAS is setting up a socket on startup, make sure nothing else on the
; machine is running on the same port (telnet localhost portnumber -- if you
; get connection refused then you're clear to use that port). Ports < 1024
; may require root privledges on *nix machines. The default port is 8000.

Remember to remove the comment designator ( ; ) from configuration lines, where applicable, when turning on or off DNAS features.

5th May 2003, 21:57
Also may I mention I have just about everything you might wanna know about the shoutcast server config file and how to configure it. It also tells what it does and ect. Heres the link