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5th May 2003, 22:14
I finally came across an online radio station that I finally like. The only problem was, that the station didnt have much bandwidth (20 listeners). After dealing with the long waits to connect, I finally descided to contact them, and am now donating bandwidth (100 listeners), so all can enjoy. But at what cost.

I would appreciate your feedback on the station.... is it worth it? On average, I would say the station takes up around 1-1.5 mbps which cost's me about 99$ a month. (I have a 4mbps dedicated line - unmetered) I'm not sure how good of a deal this is, or if the listeners even appreciate the difference.

Some info regarding Socal P.I.S.S. from their about page:

When it comes to streaming radio, have you noticed an overabundance of trance stations? How about jazz? Popular rock? Oldies? What about country? New wave? Now, we are not putting down any of this music because we too tune in to all sorts of different flavors of music. But we ask you, where are all the punk and ska stations?!?

Welcome to SoCal P.I.S.S., your home for all the good stuff punk, indie and ska music can bring to the digital scene of streaming radio. Based in Southern California (but reaching out to the world), we are here for your listening pleasure. If you want to help build this small community, introduce yourself on the message board and tell all your friends about us! So enough reading already, if you aren't tuned in...tune-in!!

5th May 2003, 23:39
on your first question: it's up to you whether it's worth it.

on your second question: if you don't like the selection make a new station dedicated to the type of music you want rather then relaying another station. I think the reason why it's this way is rather obvious, trance is generally more accepted by die hard internet users. Also being rather popular it really gets no airplay in most cities, I would say it's the most popular under played music. Of course that is starting to change a little bit now.