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6th May 2003, 08:15
Is their any way to block your main server from being listed in the shoutcast directory but have the relays still listed? reason being is that I want to have my main server holding only 2 listeners, while my relay will be a 100 listener one. but if the 100 listener were to suddenly drop and come back online the main server would be filled already with listeners since there are only 2 spots. This would make the relay server impossible to connect back since it needs to have an open spot right? So basically I don't want any listeners connecting to my main server. Reason my main server is so small is cause the I want to use the relay server which is in Sweden as my big server (much more affordable) and I don't trust my ISP streaming that far. my pings get over 300 ms at times. I want the sweden server to relay off a server in north america.

6th May 2003, 08:20
I was doing a relay serach earlier in the day and found an exact match for your question.

I don't remember the post ID nor the response and I'm too tired to dig through query results. It's there though.

6th May 2003, 08:20
I know you can do it with SAM2 (www.spacialaudio.com) by hiding the relay from being posted, or perhaps using a different encoder, other than that Im not sure =\ sry

6th May 2003, 08:24
i do use SAM2 to broadcast, but I never heard of an option of hiding your main server and still have your relays show up. Fester are u aware of this?

6th May 2003, 08:25
wait just thought of something. What if I were to add the IP of the relay server on the reserve IP list?

6th May 2003, 13:44
I've done that and it works. But... according to the docs, when the machine with the reserved ip reconnects, it supposedly kicks the listener that's been connected the longest. So, if you're running more than one relay, it will likely kick the other relay. That one should try and reconnect and then kick the listener (assuming both relays are have reserved ips). Just something to think about.

6th May 2003, 14:01
easier way,

The main (Small) server:


The big (public) server or any other relaying server you want publicized that is relaying that main server:

6th May 2003, 16:10
Thanks Jay :up:

For reference, this is what I was looking for last night (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=113042&highlight=hide+relay).

10th May 2003, 04:58
cool, thanks guys. :)

10th May 2003, 05:13
just read that post that festerhead pointed out and started to get confused. KXRM do i just need to make those 2 changes you listed?

so if in the main server:


and in the relay server(s):


This will cause the main server not to get listed and all my relays to get listed. In my SAM2 station details I still in list in "public listing" normally right?

11th May 2003, 05:10
I've never done this, but I'm guessing you need to set the relay to "Always." This will show your relay, but not your main server (right?)


2nd November 2003, 01:44
Just use the RIP only function on the main server's .conf file, much easier.Then add the IP's of the relays to your RIP list through the web admin.Blamo private 1 listener main source.