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7th May 2003, 22:30
I have been put in charge of setting up a weekly radio show for this company.

We usually have 2 people talking and a dj,mixer guy in the past.

Im wondering what people think of this, Im planning on doing all of this at home.

3 phone lines, which 2 for hosts and one for a caller,
a 4 channel mixer board, where I can take all the inputs from the phones and other audio sources and mix them in. Output from the mixer goes into my line in on my computer which then encodes the stream into mp3 and delivers it via shoutcast on a relay server.

few questions.

anyone recommend a sound card, i have a old sound blaster live.
anyone know of any good phones with mic or rca out plugs.

is there any software that allows me to set up tracks, have some buttons for sfx,jingles etc and also outputs it to shoutcast/ice cast?

just curious what people are doing.

7th May 2003, 22:39
hey you have no bandwith! Get a faster internet line and that'll do the trick. i.e. Cable, dsl, T1, ect.

If your company is willing to spend sum money get SAM2 www.spacialaudio.com its great software, trust me I use it! And will take care of all this stuff, does some awsome scripting! and more

9th May 2003, 17:15
if you have 2 host mics, 2 host phone lines (do you really need this?), the caller's phone line, and even if you only have 1 music input, that's already up to 6 channels....7 if the music is in stereo. you need more than a 4 channel board for that.

and i still don't see why you need a phone line for each host. are both hosts going to call extra people to talk to during the show, while the caller is on the air? get a couple lines to your building, but find one of those nice office phone setups so you can put callers on hold and such. plus you need an appropriate interface between the phone system and the board. phone lines and line level audio are not the same...they operate at different impedances. it's the same reason as why you can't just plug an output straight from a guitar into the board...you'd need a direct box for that. your just gonna end up with a bunch of noise you don't want. how much is this company looking to spend?

as for software....i don't think you'll find an all in one solution. it sounds like you want some automated radio software, but also want a cart machine (for the fx and jinges) as well. if your not gonna be too busy in the studio you could get away with putting these things on a cd or a mini disk and just firing off the track at the appropriate time. if your looking to randomly fire off sounnd effects you'd probably do well with a sampler...if you have a bunch of them. but samplers don't come cheap.