View Full Version : "new high-fidelity, low-bitrate codecs"

8th May 2003, 12:20
We're slaving away in our free moments on SHOUTcast 3.0, which will provide nifty features like multiple stations per host, user authentication, broadcaster registration, support for our new high-fidelity, low-bitrate codecs, integration with ad-insertion services, network localization, and NSV video support as well. Expect to see betas in the first quarter of next year!

What "new high-fidelity, low-bitrate codecs" are you please refering to ?
Could you be more precise please ? I'm intriged.

8th May 2003, 15:27
While I can't yet announce the precise codec we'll be using for the
next 3 year run, I will say it is making me very happy to see 56kbps
streams outperforming (from a purely subjective "quality" analysis)
current 128kbps streams, and the cost of the encoding seems manageable
enough for AOLTW to continue absorbing encoding and decoding costs, not
to mention the majority of playback devices and applications will be
supporting the codec as well by 2004, if not already.

Aren't we talking about WMA 9 here ?

8th May 2003, 15:33
Thinking about it, i'd rather say something like AAC. It's already supported through an unreleased version of nsv.

8th May 2003, 16:11
Ogg Vorbis?

8th May 2003, 18:59
yea I have been hearing more AAC, Ogg was already shot down. WMA is way far out there, not nearly enough room for multiplatform support I think.

9th May 2003, 02:48
hrmm.. nice sig KXRM ;)