View Full Version : Deos a broadcaster want to share a dedicated server with us ?

10th May 2003, 15:08

I posted in this forum about the streaming providers to be advised on the best streaming plans.

Now, I know what I have to do : we will rent some dedicated servers to allow the maximum listeners.

If a broadcaster is interested in sharing the dedicated servers with us, just contact me by e-mail.

This is not an advertising and absolutely not SCAM. When I tried to find the best streaming host I didn't know about this industry. My opinion is that I must use my own servers not to have the per listeners limits.

If you have some technical knowledge about installing DNAS on a Linux server this will be a plus. If you don't that's not a problem, I will buy the installation services.

We will choose the colo depending on its honnesty and its goals and not on the number of its listeners or the power of its radio station. We absolutely don't care about this and more, I hate liers.
My offer will end on Sunday 05/11/2003 00:00 (GMT).


Samuel Vanneste