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11th May 2003, 08:20
:( im so lost at doing this ...will anyone help me please.:D ill be very very greatful. thanx

11th May 2003, 08:41
Check out the Sticky post titled:
SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled:
How to Setup a Live Audio Stream -> How to set up an Internet Radio station
How to Setup a Live Audio Stream -> 15 Steps to setting up SHOUTcast

Additionally, check out these tutorials:
HeatRadio's Basic Guide To Shoutcasting (http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=110838) cyphon's setup tutorial (http://tim.brogdon.net/shoutcast)

13th May 2003, 03:20
Download the shoutcast server (dnas)

download the winamp dsp

setup a port, password and max listeners in the dnas conf

connect to the dnas from the dsp, using the port and password u choose

then cry because u realise u dont have enough bandwidth to stream to 100 people at the same time :)