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Liquid FM
11th May 2003, 13:57
Can one of you help me out I have used Widnows Media player to copy some music from a CD but when I play it in winamp it dos not come up with the name of the tune just ses Unknow artis! Can some body help pleaze? :cry:

11th May 2003, 15:04
It sounds like you don't have your mp3's tagged, that is why they are showing unknown artist

Liquid FM
11th May 2003, 15:09
If i click on them in winamp can go to File info were u can tag them it will not let me..Help needed

11th May 2003, 15:13
if they are playing, then stop the track, tag them then save

However, if you want to rip tracks from cd I recommend dbpoweramp, it also connects tio cddb to automatically add titels to tracks (if it finds them)