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11th May 2003, 15:58
I wont say that this a really good forum at first!!!!!!

Maby I am dumm or somthing, but i cant figer out how people can be up 24/7, with out the effect the computer.If you wont i clean connection and sound good to the listners you almost have to leve evrything alone.What I meen is not working with havy programs or surfing on the net at the same time.I think it''s not only me who experience that after 10-15 ours there computer seems to slow down a bit.

-The only thing i can think off is haveing one or more harddrives connected to etch other...
Maby someone what to explain????

11th May 2003, 17:27
depends how fast ur connection is. if u r running the server from ur own computer u have to pick a good bitrate, and a reasonable number of connections. obviously u r going to have problems with a 56k connection running 20 connections at 128. if the server is elsewhere i assume u only have to transmit one stream to that server.

11th May 2003, 18:18
Encoding is CPU intensive.

Try put your stream on a dedicated box and see if that helps.

11th May 2003, 18:25
not everyone uses their pc for encoding

they use seperate machine which is only used for shoutcast

personally i have my own web/streaming/mail/dns/mysql/php server which is linux

it happily runs for 60 days without a restart

the only reason i restart it is when i upgrade the kernel and i have to restart the server for changes to take affect

11th May 2003, 23:03
i have a crappy PIII 800GHz that crashes if I leave it alone for more than 2 hours or if I put it in standby. If the PC doesn't crash, Winamp eventually will. I don't know what supermachines most djs broadcast 24/7 on, but I want one now! Life's not fair!

12th May 2003, 00:04
Thats what i figer in the first pleace that many have too or more mashine running.It''s no other way to manage it else.Do any of you think if it is posible to do it some other way.....like use a webb server online somhow who always are connected.....the same you put up webbsite and that stuff

But I can see two problem at the same time I ask

1. Most inported one is bandwith problem........its gone be queit expensive to pay for it
2 that is to have controll if somthing happens, if you not can hear what you playing you cud not do anything about ether, or take a long time to correct it!!!!

Just for the bad information and tease microsoft
:o :o :o :hang: :cry: :down: :down: :down:
I run Win ME.....the worse OP that mircrosoft ever ever have relest.People shuldent pay for this junk...and I meen it

12th May 2003, 11:45
Well doing all at one PC is not a very good idea i suppose.
I use 3 maschines overhere and they are not all "high tec up to date" but do the job without any problems.

PC 1: Server AMD 1 GHZ/1 GHZ Mem /20 GB HD
PC 2: Radio automation software -PII 800 /512 Mem 80 Gb HD
PC 3: Workstation - P III 833/512 Mem / 40 GB HD - Format Planning /Audio editing /Internet.

All amshines running on Windows 2000 perfectly without rebooting for months...:)

12th May 2003, 15:36
if you pc is crashing after two hours then there is something seriously wrong

have you tried formatting it, checking it for viruses, etc etc

other wise there is probably a conflict of some sort, or faulty ram, which usually causes a system to crash aftrer 'x' amount of hours

i would format it personally, to see if it fixes it

and about using three machines

that isn't nessasry

dont use winamp to broadcast, its too heavy, and not designed as broadcasting software.

use something that is made for broadcasting, like sc_trans & DNAS

i run sc_trans & DNAS on the same server, which also does web/email/dns/mysql/php/ftp etc

runs fast always, and has never crashed

12th May 2003, 15:58
Ok 3 ain't really neccesairy but if you want to do it professional,two would do the job.You can use OTSDJ for instance wich uses the shoutcast plugin to stream directly.This maschine can run 24/7.A second PC can be used to use internet,work on it etc.

I agree with the rest matt2kjones replied,check your system first.A P III can do one of those jobs perfectly.
Good luck !

12th May 2003, 16:05
well yea its is better to have sepearate machiens for everything

it all depends how much money is in your wallet and if you really need it

my server has 2GB of memory, so one machine can handle both sc_trans and dnas for thousands of users (if i had the bandwidth)

but big companies will use sepearate machines, because they have the money to do it, so they may as well do it nicely

12th May 2003, 22:24
I am not sure what is wrong with this guy's computer, cause I ran for a long time a 56kbps stream on a PII 350Mhz box with 192MB of RAM.

I also used it for playing games, surfing, email, programming etc for the longest time and never had any problems. Of course I used windows 2000 not windows ME, 98 or 95 those will definately have problems.

If you have a fairly modern computer with a good OS you can use one pc for everything. You just need to do a good job of maintaining the integrity of the OS.

13th May 2003, 13:10
You have all proberly right about that.But this is my first mashine I have bought so I dont think i gone bye a nother one...just for my radio station.Thats how it is right now.....Thanks evryone(mates) you are all good people


13th May 2003, 13:16
just a little note about the link you just posted

you forgot to add your port number

im guessing it runs on port 8000

if so your tune in linke is:


13th May 2003, 13:30

13th May 2003, 16:11
the port is defined in the DNASs sc_serv.ini/conf configuration file (default shown here):; PortBase. This is the IP port number your server will run on. The
; value, and the value + 1 must be available. If you get a fatal error when
; the DNAS is setting up a socket on startup, make sure nothing else on the
; machine is running on the same port (telnet localhost portnumber -- if you
; get connection refused then you're clear to use that port). Ports < 1024
; may require root privledges on *nix machines. The default port is 8000.

13th May 2003, 23:47
My Computer Used To Shut Off Every 2 Hours (PIII501mhz)
After Reformat After Reformat, And New Power Supplies I Figured Out...
It Was Getting To Hot, No Air Was Getting To The PC.
So Now It's Sitting ON My Desk With The Fan Facing Out And Past 2 Weeks Solid Uptime! (With Windows XP)

14th May 2003, 08:40
my longest time runing was 42 days...th only resons i went off line was the dam rain storm cut the power off i hate rain my works fine

14th May 2003, 09:34
I started broadcasting at the last week of januari and the server and radioautomation Pc are running ever since without rebooting or power downs.
I have to tell you i use 19 inch industrial housings for my PC's with some extra cooling capacilty.
But no problems at all at this time:up: :D

14th May 2003, 20:16
my server is 1.2 meters high

two 2.2gig processors, 2GB Ram, water cooled

8 can fans, all temprature controlled.

runs like a beast, just take a look at the server status page:


look at the loads, thats encoding mp3's as we speak!

16th May 2003, 14:14
this thread has turned into a "my dick is bigger than yours!" thread lol!


*wispers* mines the biggest!* lol :P

16th May 2003, 15:37
LOL :)

*whisper* can't be,mine is allready...;P

27th May 2003, 06:36
This is maby a late repaly when I am first started this topic, but maby someone read this anyway.I just wonder if anyone should be intressted in to starting up a hole new station, when I'am do have my own station I figer we start up a new one from the begining with name and evrything else needed to begin.Then I/we needed 2-4 maby 5 dj's who can keep this running 24/4 and devolpe this to somthing big on the net for more listners and upcoming advent.You dont need to be a expert to brodcast, only the basics.And they are some rules, but I am not gone take all that right now, however you shuld belive at this and take it seriesly. Becouse this is not a kidd prank or kindergarden.

-I was just queries to see if anyone are intressted with this threat, so if you are make a replay to this, and I shell see if that are people enoth to continue this

-You gone get more information when the time is.
So jump on the train if you feel this is your task you wont to do!!!

27th May 2003, 06:55
CluelessIce, try create a new thread in the DJ & Listener forum.

The topic of this thread and location might not be very conducive for the type of response you want.

27th May 2003, 11:13
Thx for the care Festerhead!!
But a really dont to like get people's attention this way.I think is cand of hard to trust when you post a threat shouting out if anyone are intressted, and I'am never have spoken to the person before.

-I like the more long time frindly frindship way if you no what I meen.Works all the time.
Anyway I post it in "DJ listners center" with some sceptical thouts.....lol

28th May 2003, 20:06
Originally posted by matt2kjones
if you pc is crashing after two hours then there is something seriously wrong

have you tried formatting it, checking it for viruses, etc etc

other wise there is probably a conflict of some sort, or faulty ram, which usually causes a system to crash aftrer 'x' amount of hours

i would format it personally, to see if it fixes it

Currently has no viruses (scanner is up-to-date)

Reformated once due to virus a couple of years ago,

Unfortunatally, I'm running ME (WORST OS EVER)

I'm gonna upgrade from 128 to 256mb RAM soon and see if that solves my problems. If not, I will also upgrade my HD (only has 458mb left!) or put all my files on CDs (I'm afraid I'll lose or scratch them, though.)

BTW, it only crashed if left alone for 2 hours, not left on for 2 hours, though It doesn't do that anymore. However, It will crash if processer usage stays at 100% for 5 mins or more at a time. I'd upgrade my processer too, but that'll cost me at least another $300.

7th September 2003, 08:16
Maybe it will help other people. But since I disable Ramboost from the system tray I haven't expierence any crashes in winamp.
If you have ramboost installed, or maybe another ram optimizer, see what happens if you disable it.
I hope it works for you.

DJ Killer
7th September 2003, 16:20
hmm, dewdicated boxes are best..

I got a linux box 3 years running, and the winbox that runs my shoutcast stream running 3 months so far...