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11th May 2003, 22:28
first of all sorry if this is the wrong forum

running sam2 on a Athlon 2000+ with 256 dd ram

if I run the encoder in stereo it freezes up the computer after a while,but if I run in mono it is ok,i am running on a 1mb cable connection with a birate of 32k 22k hz,this is the basic dial up connection (56k is via live365) but would if possible get it out in stereo


11th May 2003, 23:29
what encoder are u running? If you use the sam mp3 codec make sure u follow these instructions as their is alot of bad codecs out there:


these instructions show how to properly install 2 codecs but you just need one you should stick with either of the ones listed on that page. the radium or the fraunhofer pro that comes with wma 7.1.

11th May 2003, 23:38
SAM2 has there own forums at www.spacialaudio.com : but anyways we'll make an exception.

I think you can do sterio!

12th May 2003, 17:53
Use the LAME encoder

19th May 2003, 00:31
I'm having the same problem, only broadcasting at 128k stereo. Does anyone know what the latest STABLE version of the LAME encoder is?

19th May 2003, 01:14
I hadn't ever had any probs streaming at a high rate with the Lame encoder. Odd, go to the forums then post a new topic (at www.spacialaudio.com ) tell them your prob, Bryan or Louis will help you out!

20th May 2003, 04:13
global_groove6: Why do you need two encoders? Is that if you want to send two streams (like one at 24 and one at 128)? If so, that makes SAM2 sound "not so easy" to use. I wanted to use SAM2, but I am streaming at 24kbps and 128kbps...sounds like it may be a little tough to setup with the SQL and encoders, etc.

To Everyone: How difficult is it to switch over from the SHOUTcast DSP to using SAM2?


20th May 2003, 04:20
RG, I Had 2 Running, Its Easy. You Can Encode As Many As You Want, It's All Point And Click. No SQL Or Modification Nessecary.

20th May 2003, 04:25
So what's this http://www.spacialaudio.com/knowled...on.php?qstId=44 all for... ?


20th May 2003, 05:09
that is the proper and most stable way to set the SAM mp3 encoders up. If your planning on running 2 mp3 encoders I would follow those instructions. Its really not that hard. let me know if you need any help.

20th May 2003, 17:19
Listen to this! Sam2 RC3 now has its own built in encoders which prevent any major crahes! yay

21st May 2003, 06:36
that mp3pro encoder on SAM2 is pretty sweet. I tested a 32kbps 44khz stream and the quality was outstanding, sounded at least double that.

21st May 2003, 06:55
I upgraded myself to RC3 last night, and I'll be damned if I haven't had any problems since. Thank God :D

21st May 2003, 09:20
Sam2 look cand of nit...many good option to make you station come 2 live....but $200 price tag is way to mutch mony for a hole lot of people, specielly people who not earn that cand of money...not for me anyway.I'am wait and save my moeny to by my self all real hardware with all equitmend included........
And all you who think about download V1,4 of sam..it's really bad,
spare you the time.

21st May 2003, 12:10
Well, if SAM2 is a bit above your budget you can always try this:
Encoder plugin for Winamp (http://www.spacialaudio.com/products/winamp/)

21st May 2003, 16:19
Advanced tools sometimes require advanced funding.

Or, you can always try code your own tool(s).

21st May 2003, 18:32
Great discussion / I am presently hosting my own 56K shoutcast stream using sam2 rc3 and the winamp dnas / works wonderfully / now the question: how would i add a second lower speed stream using the mp3 pro encoder for people with dial ups? / do i need a second dnas??

21st May 2003, 19:04
Q: how would i add a second lower speed stream using the mp3 pro encoder for people with dial ups?
A: Add another encoder to your SAM2

Q: do i need a second dnas??
A: yes

21st May 2003, 19:29
thanks for the info / do i need to download another copy of the dnas or can i just open more than one from my present copy? / i understand how to configure them but do they just happily stream side by side on the same machine simultaneously & independantly?

21st May 2003, 21:33
From the DNASs sc_srv.ini/conf configuration file:; If you want to manage multiple configurations, just copy
; this file to another name, and run sc_serv with that name
; such as:
; sc_serv.exe sc_leet.conf

This is, make two ini files; dnas1.ini and dnas2.ini for example.

Then instantiate each DNAS with:
sc_serv.exe dnas1.ini
sc_serv.exe dnas2.ini

Bam! Two DNASs running.

Of course, make sure to configure each ini file.