View Full Version : Seeling bandwidth?

14th May 2003, 05:08

I had some extra bandwidth I wanted to resell for streaming but when I signed up I noticed it said not to try to sell anything here. I used to do this last year without any issues.

Have the rules changed? If so, where cna I go to sell my excess bandwidth to people to stream from??

Thank guys, just looking to help others!

14th May 2003, 12:40
hmmmm im not 100% sure but i think bandwidth can be sold because it is releated to that chat

your not really selling, but rather providing a service

if you are worried just put a link in ur sig with the price of bandwidth, a link to contact u and so on, and im sure they wont mind that :)

16th May 2003, 14:16
better check the licensing agreement with your ISP first...most wont allow reselling ;)


16th May 2003, 14:22
how would they find out??? I use road runner here in tx and they don't care really! Just as long as you don't do anything stupid your allright.