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16th May 2003, 00:04
Hey i'm trying to become an Online DJ.. Does anyone know of free products that can play backround music while i'm taling and do fades inbetween songs?? What programs should I use and how..

16th May 2003, 00:53
Your Winamp/DSP combo should be sufficient.

Just configure your mixers.

Check out the Sticky post titled:
SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled:
DSP Issues -> Using the Microphone with Music

16th May 2003, 00:58
not 100% sure but I think they still have sam1 availible for free at www.spacialaudio.com but I use ver2 RC2 which I like way much beta