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16th May 2003, 16:10
hello, been trying to make a bot for commands in irc for a shoutcast server like @dj @listeners etc anyone know of any ready made ones anywhere or have any themselvs they cud email me wud be grate thx :D .... cs_ryan14@hotmail.com is my addresS :)

Dj mack
20th May 2003, 01:31
I myself havent a clue on how to make one less you make variables like %currentmp3 and use those as triggers cause you can do one for song length and album stuff like that but as for current listeners and such no idea if you make one please post it up for download and advertise it here!! I'll be the 1st to download that :D

26th May 2003, 10:03
I am actually already working on one myself that will give the status of your station. I'll let you know when I get it done, you can help me test it.

26th May 2003, 10:24
nice i need one to is it for a mirc bot or eggdrop ?

26th May 2003, 14:26
go to www.thedigitaldream.co.uk and create a new post telling him (matt) about what you want.

or you could PM Matt2kJones about what your looking for and he'll promptly tell you how to do that. He's done it on his page.

I saw on another note it apeared as an automated song sript
that showed what song was playing

26th May 2003, 18:02
Its an eggdrop module that I am writing.

26th May 2003, 21:00
When it will be done. Would u like to send the bot to me plz. I really need one its for a school project (the radio) and if i dont have a bot..




28th May 2003, 23:50
when u rekon u are gunna have the bot finished mate?

24th June 2003, 02:56
can u send me the bot also? my email is snapple@truklan.com

24th June 2003, 06:34
or just post it onto the forums ;) so everyone can download it ;)

24th June 2003, 08:53
Jeeze people, look around, I've been posting about the easy to use mIRC ShoutScript every where! Get it at www.diginetstudios.com click on scripts.
- Nexeo
:winamp: ShoutScript :winamp:

8th July 2003, 11:46
shoutcast1.02.tcl is also quite nice. it now works fine for me. has listener, dj, stream, stats, playlist ... cmds and some other nice stuff. i downloaded it from www.domsen.org :)

14th September 2003, 21:16
I was Edit and put other tools in there and we must thanks to

shoutcast1.02.tcl from www.domsen.org

Just Run MIRC and go to /server efnet.vuurwerk.nl

and type /j #heartbeat
also type /j #indomp3

in there you can see my bot in there ? see and what u think :igor:

if you like it just contact owner in there

14th September 2003, 23:02
already created one in java2(tm) should run on any system ,) having java-2 runtimes installed .... look the other thread here in board from my (dorty)