View Full Version : What's the cost to broadcast to 100 listeners? 200?

17th May 2003, 04:06
Can anyone broadcast on shoutcast without cost or do they have to pay? If pay, what does it cost. Is broadcast to 100-200 listeners possible with ordinary computer?


17th May 2003, 04:44
depends on the provider some are listed at www.radiotoolbox.com/hosts/

31st May 2003, 12:14
Thanks Jay,
I made some inquiries from that site. The email account I was using had problems for a while that I just resoved so I got delayed in pursuing. I am renewing my efforts. Tom

31st May 2003, 13:54
if u use ur own computer u need allot of bandwidth

if you broadcast to 20 users @ 128k it will use 20 x 128k = 2048K/sec

thats upload not download

upload is usually allot smaller than download speed

so your only real option is to get a host unless you have that kinda bandwidth

31st May 2003, 16:07

If your in the neighborhood to purchase your own streaming relay server you should consider CovaCommunications.com. Although were not yet listed ont he radio tolbox, our services are sure to please you.

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I look forward to hearing from you!