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18th May 2003, 06:07
I am looking into starting ad agency which would tap online retailers and match them up with internet radio stations. If enough stations with enough listeners sign up, I will be able to pitch this idea effectively to retailers. The reason for chosing online retailers only is that all internet radio listeners are already on their computers. There is no better way for these companies to advertise than towards people who are only a click away from their site.

If you like the idea... Let me know...


Contact Brian at:

a website is forthcoming! right now i just want to gauge interest

18th May 2003, 13:46
i have a 24/7 trance and house station

if there were loads of online listeners i guess that companies may be interested in targetting people who like house and trance music buy advertising vinyl, tracks, etc

18th May 2003, 21:09
Server Status: Server is currently down.

24/7 ... only some days of the week. :up: :D

JE JaggedEdge
18th May 2003, 23:41
UHR is interested....

20th May 2003, 04:23
Hey Brian,

Sounds good; I'm interested. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Feel free to email me: rgatl@hotmail.com

(gte664i, graduated Dec2001)

20th May 2003, 12:46
LOL u got me

i moved server, but didn't update the winamp link
now have support for 500 Listeners woo hoo :)

thanx to the guys @ NBOX :)

Originally posted by Hooje
Server Status: Server is currently down.

24/7 ... only some days of the week. :up: :D

21st May 2003, 02:12
how much would your agency charge? would you just get a commision on sales or would it be a flat fee? my internet radio plans have been put on hold, but once i do get my station on the air, i'd definetly be interested in using someone else to sell the air time.

21st May 2003, 03:32
Add me to the interested pile.

21st May 2003, 05:08
My Station's Interested As Well.

21st May 2003, 14:28
Yeah, we're interested. :)

23rd May 2003, 14:21
I stream some cultural music out of http://music.honeysugar.com take a look, i can provide detailed stats about time of day use, user country location and listen session length and what not to provide to advertisers

23rd May 2003, 17:27
I'd be interested as well!


OR my stream at