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19th May 2003, 01:38
i have installed winamp 2.91, the shoutcast dsp plugin and the shoutcast dnas server 1.9.2, all on the same machine.

i can connect to the server from another machine using winamp 3 no problem, just the music is speeded up and garbled. i can access the html pages etc.

my problem is that when i play the tracks in my winamp 2.91 playlist, winamp plays them at 10 times the normal speed and converts them to *.wavs and places in the root of my c:\ drive.....

as this is my 1st look at shoutcast and internet broadcasting i am not really sure how this system works, but through searching this forum ive come to the conclusion that, it is supposed to just stream the mp3's i play and the only conversion is changing the bitrate.

i am sorry if this sounds like i am a complete noob, but hey i am ;(

any help would be apreciated

19th May 2003, 02:26
sounds like you have a output plugin that puts the file to disk. check your output plugins this is not a bug or error, and is prob not a shoutcast error.

The syptoms of a file to disk plug in!
Also next time you might wanna try posting in technical support (thats where if you have a prob we can fix it fast!!!)

19th May 2003, 02:27
Set the output plugin in Winamp 2.91 to DirectSound or WaveOut. Also delete the .wav files it created.


19th May 2003, 03:50
You guys were right, ive been using winamp 3 for ages now, but since i had to install winamp2 again, it seems to have picked up the last settings i used for my old winamp 2 and the last thing i did on that was to convert mp3's to wavs.

thanx for your help guys, problem sorted and is now up and running, now i need to sort out some playlists ;D

thanx again

p.s. i meant to post it in the other forum, but as i had like 16 windows open looking through for this problem and spotting others that might posibly be similar, i went and postred in here, but, as soon as i realised, i tried to delete the topic and couldnt. sry bout that