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19th May 2003, 09:14
Is there anyway to tell if a station is buffering because of the lack of bandwidth between the DNAS and the listeners, or whether its buffering because of a poor connection between the DSP and the DNAS.

what i mean is, is there anyway to find out if there is a bad connection between the source dsp and the shoutcast server

Thanx, because recently the station is buffering like mad, but our server is @ a remote location. It buffers with just one person listening, :S but im thinking its the connection from the dsp to the shoutcast server, although its a 1MBit connection between them, so im really confused :S

19th May 2003, 13:23
doing a tracert to the server can sometimes tell you where the problem lies. The best way to find out is to contact other people on the same box and see if their buffering. If they are then you know its the sever and not you.

19th May 2003, 13:26
does not matter now thanx

i got it all fixed

it was the connection from us to the station.

there was a problem with our connection, but not it feeds the data to the server just fine :)

phew! now we can try to get 500 Max listeners :) i dont we will but hell, im gunna try ;)

19th May 2003, 16:05
The underrun column of the DNAS admin page will tell how many times (>= 0) a client couldn't keep up.

19th May 2003, 16:12
yea they are all 0, so im guessing its the connection from the dsp to the shoutcast server

is there anyway to know if that is underrunning?

29th October 2003, 05:35

Is there a counterpart to the underrun display on dnas admin page. That shows the listener's client not keeping up.

What about the feed station uplink to the shoutcast server?


29th October 2003, 16:49
The underrun column is for denoting a listener client couldn't keep up.

The DNAS has no provision for monitoring the source connection.

If you suspect the source to server connection is poor, try running a local DNAS and have the main one relay it.

29th October 2003, 22:38
Thanks. That's a clever technique. Run local DNAS then its admin page will show any underrun to the main server. That means I'd have a slightly increase complexity to trade for better monitoring. My feed traffic will now become INBOUND as opposed to OUTBOUND like before. Right?

Now, as a follow-up question: Should I interpret such underrun as bandwidth problem or the main server not keeping up due to CPU utilization or other process/task management issues on the main server end? I'm guess it could be either?