View Full Version : how to increase general db output level?

19th May 2003, 12:38
(sorry for my poor english)
A couple of weeks ago I found MP3Gain, a nice and simple application to set mp3 files at the same level. the program default level was set to 89db, and I got all my files to that level. But I just realised that beside the other radios, my sound is finally quiet low. I could spend a full day to re-set up a high level but I am asking if there is any DSP or winamp2 plugin that would up the gain of my stream.

any body nows?


19th May 2003, 13:19
if u turn the winamp equalizer preamp on, increasing the levels will make it louder. careful not to clip the sound though. I use mp3 gain too except I set everything at 92dbs. works great.

19th May 2003, 22:04
i use it too, i pump up mp3s to 94 db :)

20th May 2003, 00:10
i've never used this mp3gain, but it's probably not designed to be a pro audio application. audio signals are measured in decibals, but in the electrical sense of the measurement. you wanna get as close to 0 decibals without actually getting to 0, b/c in digital audio 0 equals some nasty distortion.

i could go into the difference between different decibal measurements, but it'd probably be over your head. it'd be best to use a compressor to acheive this idea, but since you probably don't intend on buying anything else, your only real option is to just turn up the preamp in winamp.

like global groove said, watch for clipping...digital distortion sounds god awful.

21st May 2003, 12:03
Thank you guys, I turned up the eq preamp in winamp at something like +5db and as I can hear there is no clipping. If I could see it with eyes I would be more sure. What are those professional programs ??


21st May 2003, 18:44
i don't now of a program that will convert all files to the same level. radio stations use a compressor to handle this. a compressor squashes the dynamic range, which makes a song appear louder. combine this with auto gain control and you've got a good set of gear. i know otsdj has an integrated comp, AGC, and a limiter...which you should also consider. there's nothing preventing a loud song from clipping without the limiter, and digital distortion is awful.