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21st May 2003, 03:09
Ok guys, here is what i'd really really need right now........a script that will display all the needed info for a shoutcast server, i've checked the Shoutcast toolbox shit but none of that crap really works, i'd like somethin easy to use and that works really well, any ideas?

21st May 2003, 03:12
what do you mean none of it works? works fine here.

21st May 2003, 03:25
ok which one are u using?

21st May 2003, 04:07
radio toolbox of course :) but i have messed with some of the other XML readers and they work fine.

21st May 2003, 05:23
wait im using radio toolbox software to monitor the servers. but how can i make stats with it?

21st May 2003, 13:41
use either the PHP way or the FTP way

look in Options http://www.radiotoolbox.com/docs/index.php?p_id=1&doc_id=4

21st May 2003, 18:21
check my sig and see if you interested......

it will generate a page like this....

21st May 2003, 22:05
you want a script? What kind of script... you want one for web... or... console... or... what... I wrote my own shoutcast status grabber for PHP and in C. The C one is written for *nix, but it could be easily ported to windows.

21st May 2003, 22:19
Matt's script is great

21st May 2003, 22:27
yea i tried matts script, its a pretty damn good script, but i need a script with more details, can i try ur script invis?

22nd May 2003, 02:31
Check out the Sticky post titled...
SHOUTcast: Important Info & Answers to FAQs. READ ME!

Scroll down a bit and look for the section titled...
General SHOUTcast Information -> SHOUTcast ToolBox (All sorts of nifty add-ons for SHOUTcast)

1. The PHP based XML parser is a complete solution and comes ready for you to customize.

22nd May 2003, 15:38
Sure you can try mine out... My application in C and my PHP script are both pretty versitile the way I wrote them. PM me through aim.. my aim is listed in my profile. We'll chat.

22nd May 2003, 15:40
yea i know, my script only currently shows the current track, and previous tracks

but im working on a version that shows loads of other things

23rd May 2003, 15:00
Cool Deal Matt!

23rd May 2003, 15:03
actually the new version has been released now, be sure to check it out


if u want it, download is in my sig :P

23rd May 2003, 15:11
Aight matt. Crystal Stats is cool man! A sugestion is, to create a listen link to the show makes it a little easier. Also is this suppost to be a substitute for the Shoutcast Server?? If so could you add some Admin Login Features, as we'll as more than the remote server allows? That would be awsome matt!

23rd May 2003, 15:16
this is not suppose to be a substitue forthe shoutcast server, just a stats page which is used to show listeners whats being played andso on.

i will add a listen link, thanx for the idea :)

taking a break from crystal stats for a few days and working on a windows program, where you enter the port number, server password and max listeners, and it then generates the shoutcast server file automatically for you (this will be for amatures, and for people who are constantly editing the config files)

also some other nifty software packages that im gunna be working on as well

23rd May 2003, 15:17
Sounds real good matt, keep up the good work man!