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22nd May 2003, 04:19
ok guys, I'm transposing to a 24 kb/s shoutcast server with sc_trans_linux

this is what happens when I run it :

It works, and gets to about 54 seconds, then stops playing and then starts making random noise.

Here's my example.lst

; Sample sc_trans/0.35-j config file
; j.frankel 12/05/00
; t.pepper 10/31/00
; (relays not supported, yo)
; sc_trans operates in one of two modes, either reading mp3s off disk, decoding,
; re-encoding, and then broadcasting them, or relaying from a shoutcast server,
; transcoding to a lower bitrate, and broadcasting to a new server.

; sc_trans accepts the following signals:
; HUP - flush logfiles (close and reopen) -- will make console logging stop
; WINCH - jump to next song
; USR1 - reload playlist off disk (will not interrupt current playing stream)
; USR2 - toggle shuffle on/off
; TERM - normal sc_trans shutdown (clean)

; PlaylistFile (required EVEN IF RELAYING) - playlist file (to create, use
; find /path/to/mp3/directory -type f -name "*.mp3" > playlist_filename.lst

; ServerIP/ServerPort are the target server to send to

; Password is the password on the sc_serv you're sending to.

; StreamTitle/URL/Genre define the data that appears on the directory and in the
; stream info.
StreamTitle=Samplecity.net's Amateur Electronic Music Radio
Genre=electronica house hardhouse hard trance jungle breaks hiphop
; Logfile optionally denotes a text file to log sc_trans to. a kill -HUP
; will force a close and re-open of this file (but will also cease logging to
; the console)

; Shuffle the playlist

; Bitrate/SampleRate/Channels recommended values:
; 8kbps 8000/11025/1
; 16kbps 16000/11025/1
; 24kbps 24000/22050/1
; 32kbps 32000/22050/1
; 64kbps mono 64000/44100/1
; 64kbps stereo 64000/22050/2
; 96kbps stereo 96000/44100/2
; 128kbps stere0 128000/44100/2



; Quality is from 1-10. 1 is best, 10 is fastest.

; Mode=0 for none, 1 for 100/100->100/0, 2 for 0/100->100/0
; Length is ms.


; Public determines whether or not this station will show up in the directory

and example.lst has the mp3 file simple listed twice. So it should repeat it over and over right? Well, again, it plays right for the first 45 seconds, and then stop and makes random noise.

here is the output in SSH

** TRANScast Distributed Network Audio Content Provider
** Copyright (C) 2000 Nullsoft, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
** Use "sc_trans filename.conf" to specify a config file.
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [TRANSCast] DNAS/posix v0.400-LAME (Mar 4 2003) starting up...
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] PID: 16456
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] Loaded config from sc_trans.conf
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] Loading playlist (example.lst)
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] Found (2) entries in playlist
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] Playlist decoder thread starting
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [DECODE] Opened Freakazoid-Favourites-Endless Time Ending (Khemikal remix).mp3
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [MAIN] Streaming thread starting
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [STREAM] Creating stream socket
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [STREAM] Connected to host server
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [STREAM] Host server gave success (OK2)
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [STREAM] Stream to established
<05/22/03@00:19:34> [STREAM] Sending stream information
<05/22/03@00:19:36> [MAIN] Title Updated

and it never prints anything else to the screen, but yet it keeps looping after about 50 seconds (the mp3 is over 8 minutes long).

So ya, it plays the track, then makes a bunch of random noise, and then plays the track again. But only about 50 seconds of the track, before it repeats.

What the heck is going on?

The shoutcast server is fine, I've broadcasted from it before without problems.



22nd May 2003, 14:07
is the original strack in sterio???

if so, change input channels from 1, to 2

also try changing quality from 5 to 1

22nd May 2003, 15:43
yeah, what kinda processor you running sc_trans on.. maybe the quality is set too high and it takes too much processor and is too slow to keep a stream. Might have a broken codec library too... Maybe you should reinstall if the quality thing doesn't help libmp3lame.