View Full Version : sc_trans : maybe i don't understand

23rd May 2003, 06:56
maybe i am not understanding right, do you have to pre-specify what bit-rate and samplerate you are going to use?

I thought it would be like the DASP plugin - where it transposes whatever you are playing in winamp into the output format.

For me, I have a variety of mp3's in different formats. What am I to do?


23rd May 2003, 07:13
not sure all of my stuff is the same

all you need to be concerned with is samplerate and channels.

23rd May 2003, 07:45
ok, thank you!

..jordan willms

23rd May 2003, 07:45
you prespecify what bitrate and stuff your going to stream out at.... and the DSP plugin will transcode your songs into that specified bitrate. ? I think thats what your asking about, right?