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1st September 2003, 00:44
Can anyone recommend some good electric guitar songs for me?

Like Eric Clapton - Layla, and Santana - Smooth.

1st September 2003, 00:53
Hmmm, anything with Eddie Van Halen, also, must check out Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Pride and Joy", excellent jam.

1st September 2003, 00:56
Anything from The Allman Brothers "Live at Fillmore East" live album.

mmmm-boogie chillun!

1st September 2003, 09:03
The Stone Roses - Driving South

9th September 2003, 00:56
Ted's Jam by Robert Randolph and The Family Band. A lot of thier stuff is very good, but this song kicked my ass.

primal scream
9th September 2003, 13:23
paranoid - black sabbath

9th September 2003, 13:41
Shed Seven - A Maximum High (album)
Six By Seven - The Closer You Get (album)
BRMC - BRMC (album)
Jesus & Mary Chain - Honey's Dead (album)

11th September 2003, 12:36
Ok well most of Slayer's songs have a 30/60second dedicated to a electric guitar solo.
Seasons In The Abyss
Here Comes The Pain
War Esemble
Dead Skin Mask
Blood Red
Spirit In Black
Expendable Youth
Hollowed Point
Ok well a quick scan throught the ones I have tells me that all the songs have a solo in them.

14th September 2003, 00:14
Santana - Europa
Queen - Bijou
Deep Purple = Wring That Neck
Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways (Live version)

And the list can go on for pages...

14th September 2003, 02:40
Originally posted by mikeromanu
Santana - Europa

Oh my, that song kicks ass.

Thanks for posting.

14th September 2003, 02:58
Originally posted by mikeromanu

Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways (Live version)

And that song kicks all sorts of ass as well. gary moore rulz.

And the list can go on for pages...

Could you please post more. I'm looking for more fast upbeat ones if that helps any.

15th September 2003, 08:27
Gary Moore is one ugly dude. Is he still going?