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5th April 2005, 06:06
If you have some longer application name which unfortunately has spaces within (something like "Application Professional 1.0") it gets word-wrapped. I assume html's non-breaking-space isn't available for NSIS GUI texts so this might be unsolvable (easily).

For my german installer I set

!define MUI_FINISHPAGE_TITLE "Installation abgeschlossen"
(because the English one is as short)


!define MUI_WELCOMEPAGE_TEXT "Dieser Assistent wird Sie durch die Installation von\r\n$(^NameDA) begleiten.\r\n\r\nEs wird empfohlen vor der Installation alle anderen Programme zu schließen, damit bestimmte Systemdateien ohne Neustart ersetzt werden können.\r\n\r\n$_CLICK"

because so the line break is a bit earlier (causing the NameDA to begin in a new line).

I suggest taking the MUI_FINISHPAGE_TITLE to cvs because English and German are quite different here.

Any suggestion what to do with multi-word application names that may wordwrap? Is the exact layout defined by NSIS (pixel accurate) or does it depend on user's font/dpi settings?

5th April 2005, 17:01
If the word-wrapping bothers you because it's also truncated, use MUI_WELCOMEPAGE_TITLE_3LINES.