View Full Version : Dunno if this is a BUG or not?

20th May 2000, 01:11
Since I installed version 2.60, I believe it was? my add songs from director bottom doesn't works all the time, only with certain songs?? Use to work fine? The songs I tried are all wave, the files seem play fine in windows media but in winamp, I tried add them with the add song in director it doesn't show up? only when I play one song at a time. it use to work before i upgraded?
PIII 600 @ 671mhz (112mhz FSB). Asus P2B-DS(DualScsi). 256mb SD pc100.SB Live!, Hitachi dvd 4x, Maxtor Diamond Max 28GB!!@ 7200rpm, Matrox G400 max 5.03.025 driver. OS Windows2000 version 5.0.2195. 17" monitor.