View Full Version : 2.64 stii screw my dsp

14th June 2000, 16:55
giess is working but very choppy..
wow is ok
BUT pablo aquamarine is out..do something JUSTIN...
2.62 was fine until that 2.63.
i hope all my only 3 favourite dsp work again that all i have..by the i runing 200mhz p with 64kmem on win 2000...so ple keep wimamp neat and tight..there are lot p200mhz out here

14th June 2000, 18:46
Hey, arent geiss (thats wht you were trying to write eh?) and Pablos aquamarine VISUALIZATION plugins???:confised:???. Anyway, you could try to raise the Vis plugin priority in Prefs>Plugins

Mr. Ice
15th June 2000, 10:36
geiss is choppy because you're on a p200 with 64megs of memory. visualization plug-ins are like 3d games: they need power. there is nothing justin can do about that.

also, 2.63 didn't break visualization plug-ins. only dsp.